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The Mind Blowing Philosophy of Quantum Teleportation

Europe has been host to some of this era's most futuristic scientific research... namely Quantum Teleportation. It personally makes me want to resettle nearby just to feel the vibes eminating from such insightful thinkers. The following interview with Anton Zeilinger, pioneer in quantum teleportation, is testimony of the depth of thought regarding philosophy and cosmology that is transpiring in Europe.

Spooky action and beyond. Viennese physicist Anton Zeilinger talks about teleportation, the information stored in a human being and freedom in physics


Are Magic Mushrooms the ‘Bridge’ to God?

Rigorous scientific study often proves what the ancients had known all this time. The latest news regarding a study of the spiritual effects of mushrooms on humans (Magic mushrooms really cause 'spiritual' experiences) may not be anything new when you take a look at the historical use of mushrooms in the following online articles...

Mushrooms and Mankind

History of Magic Mushrooms

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The Changing Face of Scientific Research

As times have evolved into our current era of corporate and profit based research & development, directions in scientific research have been influenced. No longer do we see scientific research simply endeavored for the sake of understanding our universe but for the sake of experiencing profit. Sadly, research attitudes of the past, the likes of which produced modern day 'plastic', are being threatened on many fronts. The following online article provides an introduction to the changing face of scientific research.

The Decline of Unfettered Research

Picture Source: Jyrki Markkanen
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Newsletters That Keep Us Informed…

The following PDF Newsletters are excellent resources for some of the latest science, technology, and economic insights.

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