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Scientists manipulate electron, this time everyone wins — Engadget

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Tech company to build science ghost town in NM; backer says project will be economic boost – The Washington Post

Although no one will live there, the replica city will be modeled after a typical American town of 35,000 people, complete with highways, houses and commercial buildings, old and new.

Pegasus Global Holdings CEO Bob Brumley says the $200 million project, known as The Center, will be a first of its kind in the U.S., creating a place for scientists at the state’s universities, federal labs and military installations to test their innovations for upgrading cities to 21st century g... (View original article)

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Scientists Create Tiniest Electric Motor Ever From a Single Molecule – International Business Times

Researchers at Tufts University have made the world's smallest electric motor from a single molecule that measures a mere 1 nanometer across.

The team, led by Professor Charles H. Sykes, plans to submit the breathtaking achievement to Guinness World Records. The new class of device could be used in applications ranging from medicine to engineering.

The single molecule electric motor measures one nanometer across, which is one billionth of a meter. This means,... (View original article)

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Swiss scientists create dark clouds with a laser lining (video) — Engadget

I wonder how many of those researchers cackled maniacally when they were able to reproduce these dark?

"Now, Berlin, I shall have my revenge!! MWAHAHAHAHA!"

'Course, they'd need to have some big tesla coils nearby,.. for effect...

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Physicists Create a Hole In Time to Hide Events – Forbes

Researchers at Cornell University have made an astounding leap forward in cloaking technology. While other teams have been working on what have been traditionally seen as “invisibility cloaks” – using


to hide an object from visible light — this team has been working on something a bit more

ambitious: hiding an actual event in time.

Current work in developing invisibility cloaks tri... (View original article)

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